Sjögren Inertia

Finished this model ages ago but never got around to post it, dug it back up a little while ago and decided to try to animate it too but this time with more animations than the G11 I did, I'm still pretty new to animating so the animations isn't the best (Excuses :P ) but I had fun doing them! (I know about the muzzle flash being wrong now I need to get me some new once)

Found out about the gun while playing Battlefield 1 and took a lot of reference shots in that game. So I guess it's kinda counts as a BF1 "fan" project. (Thanks for all the great games can't wait for BFV!)

Found out later that a part on the bolt wasn't correct and I had already rendered all the animations by then so only fixed it in the still renders only.

9576 tris
One 4k texture set

(Hands/Rig and sounds in the video are not made by me)
(Firning sounds are from BF1)